How Much Does The News Spy Cost?

You can ‘join up’ for free.

But that’s part of the scam.

Because once you’ve done that.

You’ll be called and emailed relentlessly by a ‘trader’ who will try to pressure you into making a minimum deposit of £250 to their ‘recommended’ broker.

Do NOT deposit any money.

Or give away any of your personal information for that matter.

Fake Reviews of The News Spy

There are some ‘positive’ reviews of The News Spy online.

They are fake and not to be trusted.

Because they have been fabricated by biased affiliates that stand to make money if you ‘join up’ through their links.

Watch Out For ‘Recovery Room’ Scams Too!

If someone contacts you offering to ‘recover’ the money that you’ve lost to an investment scam.


Because this is what’s known as a ‘recovery room’ scam.

Where fraudsters target ‘sucker lists’ of people who’ve been the victim of known scams in the past.

In a secondary effort to syphon even more money from them.

They’ll typically ask for an upfront payment for their ‘services’.

And then you’ll never hear from them ever again.

These scumbags aren’t against randomly spamming inboxes in an attempt to get lucky either.

For example, I keep getting emails from scammers offering to help get my money back from the ‘Golden Markets’ fraud.

Despite the fact that I’ve never been affected by that known broker scam.

Is there any Real Advantage of Using this App?

When we compare the app with the other Bitcoin trading apps, we found out the following facts:

  • Excellent customer support:The News Spy app has good customer support. Their contact details are clearly given on the official website. Few prank apps do not provide such details. They wipe away the funds of the investors. However, this app does not seem to be so.
  • Suitability of app:The app is simple. It is suitable for any type of investor. A beginner can get the same comfort level as that of an expert.
  • Strong Algorithm:The News Spy app is based on a strong algorithm. Hence the chance of profitability is more.

  • News Analysis:The app works on information-based trading. It has strong connections with news sources. The Bitcoin market is highly volatile. Trading in this market without any logic will surely burn the wallet. To trade based on news-guided input seems to be safer than trading blindly. Users of the app always stay one step ahead of other investors. This makes a huge difference as far as Bitcoins are concerned. It can earn significant profits, even more than what others earn. It can protect from losses. You can withdraw money even before the loss-making event happens.
  • Mobile support:The app also offers a desktop as well as mobile support. Bitcoin trading needs speedy action. Hence staying in touch with the market is mandatory. The mobile app is certainly an advantage on those terms.

No regulatory supervision

Furthermore, there is absolutely no regulatory guarantee about the whole product. The people behind the website do not fall under any regulatory oversight and their hands are untied to do pretty much as they wish. They also lack SSL encryption which compromises any information transferred through the website.

Last, but not least – the mere way in which such operations look for funds should raise major security concerns. If News Spy truly did offer an exciting and legitimate product, it would have found an alternative way of financing itself, instead of relying on cheap traffic through a cheesy bait-clicking commercial about itself. They could apply for a credit at the bank or raise money through crowd-funding. Although, in order to do that successfully, they have to be legitimate – which they most likely are not.

All in all, News Spy comes across as a standard scam operation – the likes of which we have seen a lot – and we advise those interested not to risk it.

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Our rating: The News Spy is not a scam
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